One of the downsides of doing a podcast about bedtime stories—and especially children’s books—is that it can be hard to showcase the visual delight of the stories.

So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite visual details from Season 1 of The Podcast.


1. The Swishy Swashy Meadow from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt Meadow
As Ben points out in our episode on this story, it’s hard to imagine arriving in a place like this and doing anything other than plopping down and enjoying the beauty of the meadow.

2. Max with a Snake from Our Animal Friends

Max with a snake
Those barnyard snakes don’t stand a chance.

3. Homer and His Tractor from Cars and Trucks

Homer's tractor

I laugh out loud every time I read this section. Homer’s face is priceless

4. The Boabab Tree from The Little Prince

baobab tree 1001

This is what happens when you don’t tend your planet well…

5. Old Eleven from Our Animal Friends

Old Eleven

Old Eleven, the wise hippy sheep you always wish you had for a pet as a child.

6. The Wolf Wagon from Cars and Trucks

wolf wagon

The raucousness of the wolf in his wagon is how I feel reading this book.

7. The Doleful Bear from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

doleful bear

I love how much emotion is captured in this scene without relying on words or facial expressions.

8. Goldbug and the Traveling Fox from Cars and Trucks


I always find this quiet corner of the book to be a necessary respite from the craziness that is Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.

9. Cross-eyed Eggnog from Our Animal Friends


So much personality with so little.

10. Officer Flossy and Pete’s Pickle Truck from Cars and Trucks

pickle truck

Go get ’em, Flossy!

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