Once upon a time…

Drop Cap Illustration Letter T 1001 Goodnights Chelsea Gibsonhe idea for A Thousand & One Goodnights began as a chat between two new dads about the books we were reading our kids every night.

We hadn’t anticipated that it would be a special sort of torture for a couple former English majors to read the same books over and over again without any opportunity to discuss them critically. Or how much pleasure we might get from venting to a sympathetic ear about fictional trucks or unreasonable toddler audiences. And we certainly had no idea how many books and stories we’d each been missing out on!

The more we talked through the magical (and frustrating) world of bedtime stories, we realized that the questions we love to discuss about bedtime stories, and which enliven our roles as parents, are some of the same that enrich our professional lives as a psychologist and a book editor.

As we talked more, we realized that we wanted to open up this conversation further and get the perspectives of a larger community.

Of course, there’s no professional qualification required to enjoy a good bedtime story. And you certainly don’t have to be a parent to have a stake in tales worth passing down across generations.

So while we started the podcast as a way to talk (and vent) to each other, we created this website as a way to hear from you. Because as any careful reader of bedtime stories knows, adventures are best when they’re shared.

Do you have a favorite bedtime story?

Share your story here and recommend books to be featured on The Podcast or in The Goodnights Guide.

We’re not the only ones…

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