It is gratifying, both as a parent and podcaster, to introduce other people to the stories I love. But it is equally rewarding to get a chance to be a co-discoverer.  Without our little podcast project, I might never have stumbled onto Caps for Sale or Pat the Bunny.  And while Pat the Bunny might not be a personal favorite, it has allowed me to introduce something to my son that he loves.  Something he would have missed out on if I had read it first, without him. And I would have missed out on discovering something new about his tastes and interests (even if I am still trying to figure out what exactly his love for Pat the Bunny means).

I’m not afraid to identify and throw out genuinely rotten books, and I don’t think all stories are equally worthwhile. But if I think I already know or can instantly recognize the best stories then I have botched one of the primary lessons that children’s tales have for adults. There are always more wonders to unearth, even in the ground we have walked over our entire life.

I’m hoping 1001 Goodnights can help me cheat a bit – to get the joy of introducing books I am simultaneously discovering.  For Season 1 of the podcast, Nick and I were relying on each other for recommendations, but we are hoping that Season 2 can draw more heavily on outside input.  So please send suggestions our way:



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